Privacy Policy

Protecting Your Online Privacy

At "Best Financial Planners in the Middle East," we are deeply committed to preserving your privacy while ensuring a gratifying and secure online experience. As we collect specific information about our users, it's our sincere desire that you comprehensively grasp our policy and the stipulations governing the acquisition and utilization of this information. This privacy declaration elucidates the details of the information gathered by us, our associates, and advertising companies, and the purposes for which it is employed.

Privacy Assurance

We understand the significance of safeguarding your personal information. Here, you will find comprehensive insights into the categories of personal information we obtain and gather when you explore our website, along with the protective measures we employ. We wish to assure you that we never trade your personal information with external parties.

Logging Records

Similar to the standard procedure on most websites, we accumulate and make use of data held in log files. These log files comprise your IP (Internet Protocol) address, your ISP (Internet Service Provider, such as Saudi Telecom, the CITC, Egynet, or Etisalat), the browser used for accessing our site (e.g., Safari, Chrome, or Firefox), the timing of your site visit, and the specific pages visited within our site.

Cookies and Web Tracking

We employ cookies to retain information, such as your personal preferences during your visits to our website. This may encompass showing you a pop-up message only once during your visit or allowing you to log in to certain features, such as forums.

In our endeavor to support this site, we partner with third-party advertisers. Some of these advertisers may utilize technology like cookies and web beacons when displaying advertisements on our platform. These technologies may also convey information to these advertisers (for instance, Google through the Google AdSense program) which includes your IP address, your ISP, the browser you used for accessing our site, and occasionally, whether you have Flash installed. Typically, this is employed for geo-targeting (for instance, displaying real estate advertisements for Abu Dhabi to someone in Istanbul) or for showcasing specific ads aligned with particular websites visited (e.g., showing culinary ads to someone who frequents cooking-related sites).

Monitoring User Activity

We analyze patterns in user traffic throughout all our websites. However, this information is not linked to individual users. Instead, statistics are segmented by user domain name, browser type, and MIME type. This data is extracted from the browser string present in each user's browser, thereby ensuring anonymity.

We also monitor and catalog the search terms entered into the search function, although this tracking is not associated with individual users. We employ this tracking information to gauge the popularity of different site areas, based on traffic to those regions. Our focus is on the overall performance of each page rather than tracking the reading habits of individual users. This approach enables us to enhance our service for you.

Information Usage

We act on information voluntarily provided by users to enhance their experience across our network of websites. This could involve offering interactive or customized elements on the sites or creating future content that aligns with user interests.

As mentioned previously, we utilize the information voluntarily supplied by users to disseminate electronic newsletters and facilitate participation in polls, surveys, message boards, and forums. Our newsletters are disseminated on a regular schedule, with occasional special editions sent when we believe subscribers might have a heightened interest in certain content. We never share newsletter mailing lists with any third parties, including advertisers, sponsors, or partners.

When we utilize tracking information to assess which site areas are more or less popular based on traffic, we do not track individual reading habits. Rather, our focus remains on the overall page performance. We do track search terms entered in the search function as a part of our effort to understand our users' interests, although we do not track specific terms entered by individual users.

We compile aggregate reports concerning user demographics and traffic patterns for the benefit of advertisers, sponsors, and partners. This practice assists advertisers in delivering more targeted ads and ensures that users receive relevant advertisements. Since we do not track the usage patterns of individual users, advertisers or sponsors cannot identify specific users who clicked on their ads. We do not disclose any information about individual users except when required by applicable law, valid legal processes, or to safeguard the personal safety of our users and the public.

Sharing of Information

The information we gather is employed to tailor our content to meet your needs and to aid our advertisers in gaining a better understanding of our audience's demographics. This is essential for maintaining our free service. We will not divulge information about individual users to third parties except when mandated by applicable law, valid legal processes, or when necessary to ensure the personal safety of our users and the public.

Security Measures

Our secure data networks are fortified with industry-standard firewall and password protection systems. We conduct periodic reviews of our security and privacy policies and enhance them as needed. Only authorized individuals have access to the information supplied by our customers.

Your Consent

By using our websites, you consent to the collection and utilization of this information. If we opt to revise our privacy policy, we will communicate these changes on this page to keep you informed about the information we collect, how we employ it, and the circumstances under which we may disclose it.